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Board of Directors Member
Diane Lynne Meckes

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Written by Kristen Minichello

This month we are spotlighting one of our Board of Directors, Diane Lynne Meckes. Diane joined The Children’s Center Board of Directors in 2017.

We asked Diane to share a little more about herself so that we could all get to know her a little better.


How did you learn about The Children’s Center of Medina County? Why did you decide to join the Board of Directors? 

I learned about it while I was on the Women’s Endowment Board. My fellow board member and friend Sarah Toman was on The Children’s Center’s Board as well. When I was leaving the Women’s Endowment Board, Sarah asked if I would like to consider joining the Board at The Children’s Center. I felt very honored to be asked and have enjoyed every minute of my 5+ years on this board. 

I believe that childhood should be a time of wonder, love, learning and discovery. Unfortunately the children we help have had to discover some very dark things about life and people close to them that harm them instead of helping and protecting them. I love that the healing starts here and by some of the stories I have heard from those who have walked this journey, that is definitely true.


What is your current role on the board? What do you do in that role? 

I am the Fundraising Chair and have been on the Fundraising Committee as long as I have been here. The team that works on these fundraisers is wonderfully energetic and just plain fun to be around. Nothing is beyond possibility with this great team, led by Anna and assisted by Kristen. I will most likely continue on with this group, even once I have termed off the board next summer. 


What are you most proud of in your work with The Children’s Center? 

When I first came to the board, we were still in the old building that was bursting at the seams, paying rent. That first year we came up with the dream of owning our own building. We started investigating, found an old building, came up with the plans, had it rebuilt to our specifications, moved in and it is fully paid for!!!! That is a lot to accomplish in a few short years. Obviously, I have only played a small role in this HUGE accomplishment, but it is great to be a part of such a hard-working and dedicated board, supporting a tireless staff and benefitting from a wonderfully generous community. 

We have seen the profits of the fundraisers increase greatly as well.


What is the best advice you were ever given? 

Be yourself and follow your passion!


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

One thing I think I always had in mind from a very early age, was that I wanted to be a mother. When I was really young, I would tell my family I wanted to have a bunch of kids, but after having 2, later in life, decided that was all I was capable of guiding through life. Earning an Electrical Engineering Degree and many of the other accomplishments of my life pale in comparison to the births and growth of my sons. They are my world and I am fortunate I was able to stay home to raise them and get involved in all the organizations they were part of going through school.


What is your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

I love crafting and creating things as well as gardening, but in recent years I’ve found that spending time with my best friend, no matter what we are doing, is what makes me happiest. 


What is one song you have completely memorized? 

I love Christian music, Mercy Me is one of my favorite groups and I am so excited to go see them in November! “Say I Won’t” is my current favorite, but I learned to love them with their ‘”I Can Only Imagine!”


What does the community need to know about The Children’s Center? 

The Children’s Center is a place of healing and love for children who have experienced things they should never have had to go through.

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