Get to Know
Wadsworth Police Department’s
Detective Bureau

Written by Kristen Minichello

This month we are spotlighting the Wadsworth Police Department’s Detective Bureau – James Allenby, Adam Innocenti, and Dawn Schismenos. Our law enforcement partners play a crucial role in the Multi-Disciplinary Team of the Child Advocacy Center by investigating cases of child abuse while working collaboratively with other professionals to provide a comprehensive and trauma-informed response to children and their families.

We asked the detectives to share a little more about themselves and their role on the Multi-Disciplinary Team.


How did you learn about The Children’s Center of Medina County? How did you first become involved with The Center?

We learned of The Children’s Center of Medina County through our roles in law enforcement.  Some of us have been involved with The Center since the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) model was introduced to Medina County in 2005 and were part of the Multi-Disciplinary Team from early on.


What is your current role? What do you do in that role?

We make up the Wadsworth Police Department’s Detective Bureau and are comprised of two detectives and a detective sergeant.  We investigate a wide range of cases from property crimes such as thefts to sexual assaults and homicides and everything in between.  Aside from our Detective Bureau assignments, we all take on additional assignments such as bike patrol, SWAT, property room management, drug testing officer, jail administrator, property room management, drug recognition expert, and computerized voice stress analysis administrator – to name a few.


What are you most proud of in your work with The Children’s Center?

We have worked hard to build an ongoing relationship of collaboration with The Children’s Center and are very proud of the successes we have seen from that relationship.  This collaboration with The Center and all its partnering agencies is what makes this process successful in providing many different services and resources to our victims and families in a safe and comfortable environment.  We are very happy to be a part of that.


What is the best advice you were ever given?

Never stop learning.  There is always something new or something more to learn to better yourself.


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Adam Innocenti – police officer

James Allenby – police officer

Dawn Schismenos – pediatrician


What is the best part of working for the Wadsworth Police Department?

The people we get to work with and the community we get to serve!


Where do you like to go for lunch?

When we get a chance to have lunch together, we usually get Subway.


What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

You can find all three of us spending time with our families when we get to have time off.


If you could have a superpower, what would your superpower be and why?

Wouldn’t it be a great tool to be able to read minds?  We could solve a lot of crimes with that superpower.


What is one thing you want to share with the community about The Children’s Center of Medina County?

I would want the community to understand the importance of The Children’s Center.  Without The Children’s Center, we would be unable to provide the level of service and care that these child victims need and deserve.  The Children’s Center provides a safe comfortable place to work through these cases and supports healing.

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