The Children’s Cup:
A Night to Benefit
The Children’s Center

Written by Kristen Minichello

Embracing the Kentucky Derby Experience

The Children’s Cup – A Night at the Races, a Kentucky Derby-themed evening, successfully recreated the excitement of the renowned horse race. The event supports The Children’s Center’s vital mission of serving children and families healing from abuse and neglect.


A Night at the Races: The Children’s Cup

The 10th Annual Children’s Cup was a night full of winners and high-fives all around! Whether you were betting on the horses, scoring big in the raffle for the Mohican Hideaway, taking home the prize for the Derby Hat, or bidding on more than forty (40) silent auction items, everyone was feeling like a champ. And let’s not forget about the electrifying 11th horse race that had everyone on the edge of their seats!

Carol Rhodes won the Mohican Hideaway Raffle! Carol’s prize includes a two-night stay at the beautiful Mohican Hideaway eco-dome, sponsored by the generous folks at Mohican Hideaway and Corwin & Company. She also received a duffle bag filled with supplies for her getaway, donated by The Children’s Cup Fundraising Committee.

Laughter and good vibes were aplenty, but the sweet treats baked by Matt Uhl and the dazzling lighting display from TJI Productions took it to the next level!


Guests enjoyed a remarkable variety of treats at the dessert buffet. Annette Finley organized donations of ninety (90) dozen desserts this year averaging five (5) items per guest. Thank you to all the bakers for this extra sweet treat!


Supporting a Worthy Cause

Once again, The Children’s Cup event supported The Children’s Center, an organization committed to providing essential services to children and families impacted by abuse and neglect. Thanks to the amazing Children’s Cup Planning Committee and Event Volunteers for their dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to making this a phenomenal event.

We are grateful to all the individuals and businesses who generously donated items for the silent auction at The Children’s Cup – A Night at the Races. Your contributions made the auction a resounding success, offering attendees an array of remarkable items to bid on and helping us raise vital funds for The Children’s Center.

We extend our sincere appreciation to our event sponsors. Your support for our mission played a pivotal role in the success of The Children’s Cup. Thank you for your partnership and your contributions toward creating a brighter future for children and families healing from abuse and neglect.


Making a Difference Together

A major factor in the success of The Children’s Cup – A Night at the Races is the generosity and support of the attendees. Their contributions, including ticket purchases, donations, and active participation in auctions and raffles, played a significant role in furthering the charitable cause.

Guests enthusiastically embraced the Kentucky Derby theme, showcasing their creativity and fashion flair. Elegant hats, stylish Derby-inspired outfits, and attention to detail added a touch of elegance and excitement to the event. The vibrant atmosphere and guests’ enthusiastic participation embodied the spirit of the Kentucky Derby.


Cherishing the Event Memories

You can enjoy a glimpse of the event through the photographs from Jordan Bewley of Brooklyn Media. These photos capture the joy, camaraderie, and vibrant atmosphere of the event. The photo galleries allow attendees and supporters to relive the magical evening. To view the entire photo gallery go to

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Continuing the Impact

As we reflect on the success of The Children’s Cup event, it is essential to remember that our commitment to improving the lives of children and families does not end here. Save the date for the 11th Annual Children’s Cup on May 4, 2024. You can find more information about additional events and opportunities to help children and families by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter, The Inside Scoop, or following us on Social Media. By remaining involved, we can collectively create lasting change and provide hope to those who need it most.


The Children’s Cup – A Night at the Races shows the power of community, compassion, and philanthropy. The event recreated the excitement of the Kentucky Derby while uniting attendees in their shared mission to support The Children’s Center. We extend our deepest gratitude to all the attendees, volunteers, and supporters who made this event a resounding success. Together, let us continue our journey of making a lasting impact and uplifting the lives of children and families healing from neglect and abuse.

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