Community Pinwheel Walk:
Taking Steps Together for
Child Abuse Prevention
in Medina County

Community Pinwheel Walk
Stands with Survivors in Medina

During Child Abuse Prevention Month this April, the community came together for the 6th Annual Pinwheel Walk – an event designed to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect. With the shared goal of creating a safer environment for children, this event united more than 225 individuals, organizations, and local authorities in a powerful display of support and solidarity.


Standing Together for Child Abuse Prevention

Preceding the walk, a range of engaging activities awaited participants. Families had the opportunity to meet The Children’s Center’s Canine Advocate, Cully, whose presence brings comfort and joy to all. Sweet frozen treats from Huntington Bank’s Ice Cream Tent delighted taste buds, while Super Heroes from Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio brought smiles and excitement to children’s faces. EnchantaRoo Face and Body Art provided vibrant face painting, and attendees had the chance to interact with the impressive Mounted Police Unit. Girl Scout Troop 90981 from Brunswick put together a display and handouts to educate the community about Child Abuse and Neglect. Bubbles and Bows generously donated the balloons displayed throughout the square to create an atmosphere of joy and hope.


Supporting Survivors and Raising Awareness

A woman in a pink blouse holds a microphone in one hand and references a tablet while sharing her survivor story at the Pinwheel Walk

The event showcased the strength and resilience of survivors, as Connie Laettner shared her personal journey of healing from neglect. Her inspiring story served as a reminder of the importance of support and resources for those who have experienced abuse, offering hope and encouragement to others on their own healing paths.

The Pinwheel Walk recognized the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to help children who have been abused find their way to healing. These professionals are the unsung heroes in our community, advocating for the well-being of children and providing vital assistance and support throughout their journey.


Making a Difference in Medina

A woman in a top stands in front of a man in glasses wearing a blue polo shirts and holding a folder and microphone, while a man on the side wearing a green Medina athletic jacket is smiling and clapping A woman in a blue blazer stands behind a microphone holding a sheet of paper while talking about the collaboration between Medina County JFS and The Children's Center of Medina County

The significance of Child Abuse Prevention Month was further emphasized through proclamations by Mayor Dennis Hanwell and Medina County Commissioner Aaron Harrison. These proclamations served as a call to action for the entire community to prioritize the protection and well-being of our children.

Sharon Holmes, Supervisor of Foster Care and Adoption at Medina County Job and Family Services, talked about the importance of collaboration to help children impacted by abuse and neglect in Medina County.

A poignant and symbolic moment concluded the event with the planting of 595 Pinwheels at the Medina Library. Each Pinwheel represented a case of child abuse or neglect investigated by Medina County Job and Family Services in 2022. This visual display served as a powerful reminder of the prevalence of child abuse and the urgent need for continued efforts in prevention, intervention, and support.


Continuing the Momentum

By coming together as a community and participating in the Pinwheel Walk, each attendee played a vital role in raising awareness and fostering a collective commitment to preventing child abuse and neglect. We are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for every child, where their well-being is safeguarded, and their futures are filled with hope and possibility.

As we reflect on the Pinwheel Walk, let us carry the spirit of unity, awareness, and action forward throughout the year. Together, we can work toward a future where every child is safe, loved, and protected.

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Video created by Cooper Flora

Photographs throughout the post and the galleries were courtesy of Brooklyn Bewley or Pam Flora

Additional photographs can be viewed at Brooklyn Media

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