The Children’s Center provides essential services for Medina County children and families that if not provided through our nonprofit would still need to be provided by County agencies. The Center provides family-friendly playrooms to host nurturing foster care visits.  Without the Center, children and their families would meet in office space within a county facility.

Likewise, the Children’s Center provides a trauma-informed approach for interviewing children who experience abuse in a neutral space purposely designed for children. Typically, child-victims are interviewed in spaces like offices and police cars.

From a family about the Children’s Center “It felt very personal. Set up & organization made us feel “at home”. Made the process much easier because it didn’t feel like an institution (cold).”



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Child Advocacy Center 

The Children’s Center is a nationally accredited Child Advocacy Center. We provide a child-friendly centralized location where we bring together the team of professionals needed for a coordinated response to child abuse.

By providing multiple services at a single location, we reduce trauma for children who have been abused.

Family Visitation Center 

The Center provides four family-friendly playrooms and an outside play area to promote quality time between children and parents separated as a result of abuse and neglect. Visitation is essential for a child’s well-being and maintaining family connections has life-long significance for children.

Anti-Human Trafficking 

We provide risk assessments for youth, awareness events for the community and educational trainings for high school students throughout Medina County and beyond.

Additionally, The Medina County Coalition Against Human Trafficking is coordinated by The Children’s Center and includes community partners and concerned individuals who have come together to raise awareness about Human Trafficking.