What We Believe

We believe that every child has a right to a safe childhood free of violence.

By coming together we can make a difference in the lives of children in Medina County as well as across the country. When we promote safety, awareness and dialogue, we can prevent abuse from happening in the first place and help keep our children safe.

We invite you to learn more about the services and programs offered by the CCMC.

The Children’s Center of Medina County coordinates a Multi-disciplinary team approach to respond to allegations of sexual abuse of children in Medina County.
Our approach reduces trauma to the child and the family, and results in more prosecutions.

Forensic Interviews:

Our forensic interviewer conducts specialized interviews of children who report abuse. The goal of the forensic interview is to gather pertinent information from the child in a neutral, non-leading, and developmentally sensitive manner to determine the child’s safety.


Case Management:

The case manager/family advocate is committed to helping and educating each family about abuse and the complex systems that a family enters when a child makes an allegation of abuse. As each case goes through the investigation, prosecution and healing process, the Case Manager is there to help the family understand the process, learn about their rights and successfully access resources that will help their family.


Medical Evaluations:

A complete physical evaluation conducted by a medical provider who has been trained in child abuse. The medical evaluation has two purposes: to ensure the health and safety of the child and to identify any evidence of sexual or physical abuse.



The Children’s Center of Medina County has education programs to teach parents, community members and professionals working with children how to recognize and report child abuse.


Foster Care Supervised Visitation:

The Children’s Center provides a family-friendly location where children and their biological parents or family members can spend time together during their period of separation. The families can visit, talk, play, and spend quality time together reconnecting in our facility.